English (Co-op)

Pronouns: she/her

About Me

For my program, I decided to study the topics that I am interested in, while focusing on media and how it impacts modern-day society. I enjoy hands-on learning and being able to discuss a variety of topics from an arts perspective. My English co-op program allowed me to get hands-on learning and understanding of what life with a full-time job looks like. Moreover, I was able to utilize my English and media studies knowledge to create Handbook Policies for start-up consulting companies. On the other hand, my theater knowledge gave me the creativity and confidence to present and discuss important company policies with company executives.

An advice I wished I told my freshman self might have been:

Speak with people from your department, be open to new classes and don’t be scared to switch majors/ minors etc. Additionally, always be open to new experiences because during these four years, you won’t just grow academically but you will grow as a person! 

My favourite food: 

Pastries with some sort of vanilla ice cream and Arab breakfast dishes 

During my free time:

I enjoy listing to podcasts/audiobooks, watching plays, movies and reading books