Combined BA/BSc and MT

Greenpath class

This combined degree program, offered jointly by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and UTSC, gives you the best of both worlds – pursue the undergraduate subjects you’re most passionate about and get early admission to the Master of Teaching from one of the world’s most prestigious schools of education.

They are designed for students interested in studying the intersections of the Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, or French, and Education coupled with professional teacher preparation. They allow exceptional students who are registered in one of 22 specified Specialist and Major programs to apply during their third year of studies, and be considered, for admission to the MT.

U of T Scarborough Program Options

To be admissible, you must select either the Co-op, Specialist, or Major options available for the following programs at UTSC.

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching
Bachelor of Science and Master of Teaching

OISE Master of Teaching Subjects

Depending on which UTSC program you select, it will determine which teaching subject you will be paired with.

  • Science — General
  • Science — Chemistry
  • Science — Biology
  • Science — Physics
  • Mathematics
  • French (Second Language)

Admission Requirements

Full admission requirements is available in the U of T Scarborough Academic Calendar.

Program Path

  • Years 1-3: BA or BSc requirements
  • Year 4: BA or BSc requirements PLUS 1.0 credit in graduate courses
  • Year 5: MT first year requirements
  • Year 6: MT second year requirements

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: