If You Receive An Offer of Admission

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  1. Open your Offer of Admission.
    Congratulations, you’ve earned a place at U of T Scarborough! Look carefully at the details in your official Offer of Admission letter on join.utoronto.ca. You may have conditions that need to be met to keep your place, particularly if you have final grades or documentation pending. Also included in the offer package on JOIN U of T are instructions on what to do next. If applicable, join.utoronto.ca will also include notifications about scholarships / awards / UTAPS assessments, residence application instructions and documentation for obtaining a study permit/visa for international students.
  2. Respond by the deadline.
    Instructions on how to reply to your offer of admission can be found in the "Additional Document For My Offer" section of JOIN U of T. If you are an international student, you must also be sure to pay your admission deposit through ACORN by the same deadline.
  3. Alternate Offers of Admission.
    You will be automatically considered for an alternate program choice at U of T Scarborough if you do not qualify for the following programs: Management, Science, Co-op and Joint programs with Centennial College. An Alternate Offer of Admission is typically for a non-Co-op program in a field of study related to your original selection. For example, applicants to Co-op Life Sciences would be considered for non-Co-op Life Sciences. In most cases, you are welcome to re-apply to the program after your first year of study. (Paramedicine does not accept year 2 applicants.)
  4. Plan for your future. 
    On join.utoronto.ca you will find a listing of your next steps, including how to obtain course registration materials, fee information, important deadlines and event information for new students.
  5. Celebrate!
    Congratulations on your successful application. We look forward to seeing you on campus!​