Second Degree Studies

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Who Can Apply?

Students who have graduated with a degree from the University of Toronto, or another accredited university, may apply in accordance with posted deadlines to begin a second degree.

Before applying, students are urged to consider if a second degree is required for their purposes. Applying to graduate school and need a higher GPA? An additional year as a non-degree student may satisfy admission requirements for graduate school.


Students who successfully apply for a second degree may pursue either an Honours Bachelor of Arts (Honours BA) or an Honours Bachelor of Science (Honours BSc) degree.

A second degree may not include a program(s) in any of the same discipline(s) as the first degree. For example:

  • A student awarded a first Honours BA including a program in English may not pursue a second Honours BA including a program in English
  • A student awarded a first Honours BSc including a program in Psychology may not pursue a second Honours BSc including a program in Psychology.

Pursuing a second degree in a limited enrolment program:

  • Students may need to complete prerequisite courses as a non-degree student prior to entering the second degree.
  • Review program requirements in the Calendar and consult with Admissions & Student Recruitment regarding eligibility to apply to the program for a second degree

Transfer Credits, Courses & GPA

  • Students beginning a second degree are normally exempted from first year of the degree requirements by being granted 5.0 credits towards the completion of the degree (4.0 credits at the A-level and 1.0 credits at the B-level), regardless of the number of previous degrees held. To earn the second degree, students must complete a minimum further 15.0 credits as U of T Scarborough students. 
  • Second-degree candidates may not repeat courses taken in a previous degree; however, they may count such courses towards satisfying prerequisite and program requirements with the approval of the department offering the program.
  • Candidacy in a new degree program of study will be established, and a new grade point average will commence with the second degree courses. 
  • Students are governed by the rules in place at U of T Scarborough at the time they commence their second degree.

Restricted Programs

  • A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) may not be pursued as a second degree; however, students who have completed a BBA as a first degree may pursue an Honours BA or BSc as a second degree.
  • Programs that accept first-year entry only are not eligible for admission.

Application Procedure - Second Degree Studies

Please contact Admissions & Student Recruitment at the University of Toronto Scarborough for a copy of the application form. You may reach us at

If you graduated from the University of Toronto (St. George or U of T Mississauga), you will apply through an internal application.

If you completed your undergraduate studies at another accredited university, you will apply for a second degree using the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) application.