Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I apply to U of T Scarborough?

You can apply to U of T online via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website using the "Undergraduate Application”. You may select only one admission category for the U of T Scarborough campus.

When is the deadline to apply?

Application deadlines for all U of T Scarborough programs are listed on the dates and deadlines web page.

What programs can I study at U of T Scarborough?

U of T Scarborough offers undergraduate and graduate programs covering a wide array disciplines ranging from New Media Studies, to Management and International Business, to Mental Health Studies. Many of our academic programs also have Co-op opportunities available. For a full list of all the programs we offer, please visit our programs page.

What is Co-op?

U of T Scarborough is the only U of T campus that offers an option to participate in the Co-op program. This program allows you to work within your field of study while completing your degree. It’s a great way to explore career options, gain experience and skills to complement your studies, earn money while going to school, and network with potential employers. 

How can I learn about the campus?

You can learn more about the campus through our campus tours, on-campus events, virtual information sessions, and recorded presentations which are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of U of T Scarborough.

What is a Combined Degree Program?

Through our combined degree options, students are able to smoothly bridge from undergraduate to graduate degree studies at the University of Toronto. Students begin with an undergraduate degree in one of the listed programs and add the graduate degree as they progress through their studies. 

What documents do I have to submit with my application?

Depending on your academic history and educational background, you may have to submit some or all of these pieces of information:

  • Transcripts from high school
  • Transcripts from post-secondary institutions (college and/or university)
  • Supplementary Application form (for select U of T Scarborough programs)
  • Proof of English facility
  • Additional documentation such as letters to explain academic experiences, etc.

Do I need to complete a Supplementary Application Form (SAF)?

The SAF is only to be completed by those students applying to the following programs: 

  • Management (regular and co-op)
  • Management & International Business (co-op)
  • Double Degree (BBA/HBSc) applicants (regular and co-op)
  • International Development Studies (co-op)
  • Paramedicine
  • Music Industry and Technology

If a SAF is listed as a required document on your JOIN U of T portal, it is necessary that you submit one. Failure to submit your SAF may jeopardize your application consideration.

For programs that require a Supplementary Application Form (SAF), the SAF must be submitted by the deadline listed on the Dates and Deadlines page in order for applications to be considered during the rounds of admission. If the SAF deadline has passed, we still encourage applicants to submit it as soon as possible in order to be considered for that program.

Is an admission interview required?

Management & International Business (co-op) is the only program at U of T Scarborough that requires an interview for admission.

How do I submit documents? 

A full list of your required documents can be found on your JOIN U of T portal and the majority of these documents can be uploaded through the portal. In some situations, documents need to come directly from the educational institution and/or testing agency (e.g. IB results, IELTS/TOEFL scores, etc.).

How do I submit official transcripts?

All transcripts must be submitted electronically directly from your institution through Parchment/Naviance or through OUAC. If an electronic submission is not possible, please have your institution mail the transcripts in a sealed and stamped envelope to U of T Admissions and Outreach (be sure the name on any documents sent to the university match the name on your application):

University Admissions and Outreach

University of Toronto

172 St. George Street

Toronto, ON  M5R 0A3

Do I need to provide proof of English proficiency?

Proof of English proficiency must be submitted by all applicants whose first language is not English. Those whose first language is not English but have studies in an English Language School System in a country where English is a dominant language for four years or more may be exempt from this requirement. Further details can be found on the English Language Requirements page.

What is the JOIN U of T portal?

The JOIN U of T portal is the online platform that our admission assessors use to communicate with applicants. This portal is where you will submit documents, apply for Student Housing & Residence Services, receive admission decisions, and much more. Applicants usually get access to the JOIN U of T portal within two weeks of submitting their OUAC application.

I’m having trouble logging into my JOIN U of T portal.

If you have entered the correct values and are still having problems logging in with your JOINid, try resetting your password. Please be advised that your password reset will take effect within one business day. If you are still experiencing difficulty logging into your JOIN U of T portal after a password reset, please contact University Admissions and Outreach  and provide a screenshot of your error message.

I submitted my Supplementary Application Form (SAF), but need to update my information. How do I do that?

Once your SAF is submitted, you cannot revisit it to make any changes. You have the ability to save your responses and work on it over time, but you must submit your SAF before the deadline. Please ensure all the information and responses on your SAF are correct before submitting it.

Can I change the program that I applied to at U of T Scarborough?

Without Offer of Admission

Of course! To make changes to a program you applied to, please visit your OUAC application and remove the old program and add the new program you wish to apply to. You will not be charged extra if you are replacing a program with another from the same institution. 

With Offer of Admission

If you are requesting to change programs after receiving an offer of admission, do not amend on OUAC because this will cancel your offer of admission and you will lose your place at U of T Scarborough. Please email to request a program change.

When will I receive a decision on my U of T Scarborough application?

Admission decisions for all Ontario high school applicants are assessed in rounds of admission during February, March, April and May. During each round of admission, updated grades are provided to the University of Toronto from Ontario high schools to assess applicants. If an offer of admission is not made during a particular round of admission, the applicant will be reassessed with updated grades for the subsequent round. During the round in May, applicants who have not received an offer of admission will receive a final decision on their application. 

Applicants to undergraduate studies who are not currently attending an Ontario high school are assessed in rounds of admission during February, March, April and May. During each round of admission, applications will be assessed using the most up-to-date information we have available. If an applicant has applied to more than one undergraduate program at the University of Toronto, they will receive a decision from all of the University of Toronto divisions or faculties they selected. Applicants are encouraged to complete application requirements for all program choices as early as possible to prevent any delay in admission decisions. If an offer of admission is not made during a particular round of admission, the applicant will be reassessed with any updated information for the subsequent round. During the round in May, applicants who have not received an offer of admission will receive a final decision on their application.

What is an Alternate Offer of Admission?

An alternate offer of admission is granted to students who are not eligible for admission to their preferred choice but have a strong application and qualify for admission to U of T Scarborough. 

Why did I get an Alternate Offer of Admission?

 Reasons for receiving an alternate program offer include: 

  • Overall average and/or prerequisite grades are below minimum requirements.
  • Missing one of more prerequisites.
  • Low Supplementary Application Form (SAF) or interview score (if required).
  • Incomplete or missing SAF (if required).

Why was I refused admission to U of T Scarborough?

There could be multiple reasons why you were not admissible. It could be one or a combination of the criteria below:

  • Overall grades not competitive enough.
  • Missing prerequisites or low grades in required courses.
  • Did not meet EPT requirements.
  • Poor responses on SAF or no SAF submitted.
  • Inconsistent academic history (e.g. lots of repeats).
  • Incomplete application (documents outstanding).

How does U of T Scarborough look at summer school or private school courses? 

We accept courses that are taken in summer school and private school as long as the institution is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Review the complete list of approved private institutions.

Will repeating a course impact my application to U of T Scarborough?

We do accept repeated courses, however, priority will be given to students who took the course in a single attempt. While we recognize that there may be valid reasons for repeating a course, in general we urge you to do as well as possible on your first attempt.  

We take many factors into consideration when assessing your application — not just your academic record. Learn more on how we make decisions

Can I postpone starting studies at U of T Scarborough?

You may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. Deferrals are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Deferral requests that are approved will include deferral of eligible entrance scholarship(s) awarded—check the terms of your award for conditions and eligibility—and the residence guarantee, if applicable. Deferral applications will be available to students who have met all offer conditions.

What do I do once I’ve accepted my offer of admission?

Once you have responded to your offer, your status on the JOIN U of T Portal will change to “Accepted”. You have now successfully accepted your offer and will be part of our incoming class in September, congratulations!

You may be guaranteed a place in residence provided you meet the eligibility criteria indicated on StarRez. Your admission letter will indicate whether or not you qualify for the residence guarantee. If you are interested in residence, you must log in to StarRez and ensure all required steps are completed.

In the summer, you will receive information about Get Started and course enrolment. Please ensure that you are aware of all conditions of your offer of admission. Details are outlined in your status page on JOIN.

For more information on preparing for September, visit the Next Steps to Inclusive Excellence web page.

How do I enroll in courses?

Begin your journey at U of T Scarborough with Get Started, our academic orientation. The orientation will introduce you to information and tools needed for academic success.

Get help choosing your first-year courses and receive answers to your questions by using tools like the Enrolment Cart on ACORN, the Academic Calendar to view courses required for your program of study, the Course Timetable to see when the courses you plan to take are offered, and the Registrar’s Guide for information on course registration, payment deadlines, financial support and academic requirements.

Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Choosing Courses page for more information on how to select courses.

What types of scholarships does U of T Scarborough have?

U of T Scarborough has a variety of scholarships available—some that you are automatically considered for, and others that are application-based. For more information, please visit our Scholarships page. For further information regarding fees and financial aid, please visit our Finances page.

How much are tuition and fees?

Tuition costs can vary year-to-year and are also dependent on your status in Canada. In addition to tuition fees, there are other items that you need to budget for such as books, housing, and academic fees. For a complete list of costs you can anticipate for an academic year, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Are there jobs available on campus? 

A wide variety of career-related part-time jobs are available at U of T. Students can begin to apply for positions starting in late August. Successful applicants are allowed to work up to 15 hours per week. Interested students can visit the Academic Advising & Career Centre for more information.