Parents Overview

Congratulations – you’ve raised an accomplished scholar! At U of T Scarborough, your student will attend one of the world’s top ranked universities while benefiting from the wonderfully close and engaged community.

Your student will be entering an exhilarating time of life. Over the next several years, your student will meet new friends, become involved in stimulating work and research, and develop a deeper understanding of the world. 

As you watch these changes, we encourage you to help your student expand their resourcefulness by seeking out new opportunities and any support they may need. 

A few resources to get you started:

Staff talking outside

Student Transition

We’ve provided some information to help you understand what your student will be experiencing during their first year.
Staff sitting in the Science Wing

Supporting Students in Transition and guidelines for parents, guardians and supporters to help their
BRIDGE Presentation

The University Life Cycle

A calendar of the potential stressors and supports available for students over the course of their first year.