Transfer Credits

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The transfer credit assessment is an evaluation of all your previous post-secondary studies. Applying for a transfer credit assessment once you have received an offer of admission to U of T Scarborough is mandatory.

We generally accept transfer credits from credit courses offered by other recognized postsecondary institutions, where the course content is equivalent to the U of T Scarborough course. Detailed instructions will be included in your offer of admission package.

High School & Secondary Curriculums

Find out if you qualify for transfer credits based on your secondary school curriculum.

College & University

U of T Scarborough welcomes applicants who are looking to complete their degree or wish to pursue a second degree.


Learn more about CEGEP transfer credits for students from Quebec.

U of T Internal

The University has special paths for students wishing to transfer to UTSC from one of its other campuses.

How to Apply for Transfer Credit

If you are a student with post-secondary studies you will need to apply for transfer credit. Click here to learn more.