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Secondary Curriculum Equivalency Charts

If you are admitted to the University of Toronto Scarborough from one of the secondary curricula below, you may be eligible to receive transfer credits for courses and exams taken through your secondary school provided you meet the minimum score required, and the courses and exams have been completed prior to your enrolment at the University of Toronto.  In order to receive transfer credit, you must submit your official results. Details on how and when to submit your results can be found on the curriculum charts. 

*Minor updates to curriculum charts are generally made in April for the upcoming academic year. Check the charts again in April for any updates.

Transfer credits awarded for the above programs can be generic (e.g., HUMA**Y) or unspecified (e.g., LGGA**Y). Regardless of the format, they count towards the total number of credits required for your degree. Each transfer credit appears on your University of Toronto academic record and transcript, although the grade you received is not shown and is not used in the calculation of your Grade Point Average.

These transfer credits may be used as part of the total credit count (20.0) needed for a degree at U of T Scarborough.  Many transfer credits may be used toward completion of the Breadth Requirement (one of the requirements of the degree) and in some cases they may be used to fulfill program requirements.  Refer to the relevant chart above for details on usage.

Permission to Forfeit Such Transfer Credits

Since the course work that generates these transfer credits has been done as a compulsory part of a secondary school curriculum, U of T Scarborough permits a student attending university for the first time to opt to forfeit them if that would be in the student’s interest.  Students who are transferring from another division at U of T or another post-secondary institution are not eligible to forfeit their credits. The purpose of this webpage is to help you understand the elements that should go into a decision to keep or to forfeit the transfer credit(s) you have been awarded.  The default is that transfer credits awarded to a student remain on the academic record unless they are explicitly forfeited.   These transfer credits may be kept or forfeited individually: it is not an all or nothing choice.  A discussion with the Academic Advising & Career Centre can help clarify the decision for you.

In 2024-25 Fall/Winter, the deadline for which you can forfeit secondary school transfer credits is October 31, 2024. Only students who were admitted and awarded these transfer credits for September 2024 and are entering university for the first time are able to forfeit such transfer credits.

The following are some points to consider when deciding whether to keep or forfeit your transfer credits.

  • Should you choose to forfeit your transfer credits, please note that they will not be reinstated at a later date, so it is important that you make an informed decision. Since every student’s case is unique, you are strongly encouraged to consult the Academic Advising & Career Centre for further advice if you are unclear about your particular situation. 
  • You can choose to forfeit some or all of your transfer credits. However, if you wish to forfeit credits for a secondary school course, you have to forfeit all of the credits for that course. You cannot forfeit partial credits for one particular course.
  • Forfeiting transfer credits can impact your tuition fees if you decide to enrol in a deregulated fees program. If you receive 4.0 or more transfer credits from secondary school courses, your first-year tuition fees will be retroactively assessed after you enrol in a deregulated fees program and you will see an increase in your fees. If you forfeit some transfer credits or you receive 3.5 or fewer transfer credits, you will not be retroactively charged deregulated program fees.

To submit a request to forfeit your secondary school transfer credits, please complete the forfeit form and send it to utsc.hstransfercredit@utoronto.ca by October 31, 2024. 

Contact Information

Questions about the integration of transfer credits into your program can be directed to the Academic Advising & Career Centre or the relevant program supervisor.

Questions about the transfer credit process and forfeiting transfer credits can be sent to Admissions & Student Recruitment (utsc.hstransfercredit@utoronto.ca).


High School & Secondary Curriculums FAQs

Secondary school transfer credits do not have grades associated with them.

Any grade that you received during your secondary school studies does not carry over to the U of T Scarborough transfer credit. Your cumulative grade point average calculation will not take your secondary school transfer credits into consideration.

Yes, most secondary school transfer credits have breadth requirement categories assigned to them and therefore they would contribute towards the overall breadth requirements for your degree. If you have not yet received notification that your transfer credits have been processed, you can find these breadth requirement designations on the transfer credit charts. If you have received notification that your secondary school transfer credits have been processed, you can find these breadth requirement designations on Degree Explorer and on your complete academic record on ACORN.

Yes, your transfer credits will count toward the 20.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCE) required for graduation, although they may not contribute toward the number of credits required for the programs you plan to take. To determine whether or not your transfer credits can be used toward program requirements, refer to the detailed chart above.

If you are eligible for transfer credit, you will be notified via email once your transfer credits have been processed. The e-mail will direct you to look at your academic record on Degree Explorer, where you will be able to see which transfer credits you have received.

Secondary school transfer credits are automatically processed between mid-July and late September upon receipt of your final scores. In the meantime, you can review the secondary school transfer credit charts to determine for which transfer credits you might be eligible for.

Secondary school transfer credits are no longer being processed, and exceptions will only be considered in two cases:

  • If, based on the scores that were originally submitted to the University during the relevant timeframe you were not eligible for transfer credit, but you have now had an exam remarked and the new score now makes you eligible to receive transfer credit, or
  • If the delay in sending your scores to the University was due to circumstances beyond your control.

In either case, please forward any documentation that you have to support your request to utsc.hstransfercredit@utoronto.ca and your request to have your transfer credits assessed after the deadline will be reviewed.

The “NatSci” notation indicates that the course contributes to Breadth Requirement category Natural Sciences. In the cases indicated in the transfer credit charts, transfer credits contribute toward Breadth Requirements.

The secondary school transfer credit charts will give you a sense of which transfer credits you are eligible, based on your secondary school studies and your grades. Since you know what courses you have taken and how you have done, you can review the charts to determine which transfer credits you will receive (as long as your scores are submitted to the University within the relevant timeframe).

It is at departmental discretion whether or not your secondary school transfer credits will contribute toward program requirements. A good initial reference point is checking the detailed information in the curriculum charts – this is indicated under the Program Requirements column.

The maximum number of credits that you can receive in transfer for your AP studies is 3.0 FCE. If, based on the number of AP exams you completed and the scores you received, you were eligible for more than 3.0 FCE, you can request to receive different credits in transfer. When thinking about whether or not you might want to request different AP transfer credits, you may want to consider your breadth requirements and any programs that might be of interest to you.

If you decide that you would like to change your transfer credits, send a completed forfeit form to utsc.hstransfercredit@utoronto.ca. When completing the forfeit form, ensure you have completed the section designated for students that received 3.0 FCE from AP studies. Your request will be reviewed and, if your credits can be changed, you will be notified by email.

If you do not want to keep your secondary school transfer credits, and as long as you have not completed any post-secondary studies at another institution, you are able to forfeit the credits by completing the forfeit form ahead of October 31, 2024. If you received two half-credits in transfer for one course taken during your secondary school studies, you cannot forfeit only one of them, you must forfeit both.

Please note that once you forfeit a transfer credit, it will no longer contribute towards your Breadth Requirements or toward the 20.0 Full Course Equivalents required for graduation. Once you have forfeited a transfer credit, it will not be reinstated. If you do want to forfeit your transfer credits, you must contact utsc.hstransfercredit@utoronto.ca to do so.