Seneca College Pathway

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The Liberal Arts / Arts & Science to U of T Scarborough Pathway is designed to help qualified Seneca College students interested in pursuing studies at U of T transition smoothly from diploma to degree, earning both in as little as four years.

Through the Pathway program, students enrolled in the Liberal Arts or Arts & Science University Transfer program at Seneca College may take courses at U of T Scarborough as a visiting student. Upon successful completion of the diploma, Pathway students may begin full-time studies at the University and will receive up to 6.0 transfer credits from Seneca College plus a minimum of 0.5 credits from U of T Scarborough towards a degree in one of the following program areas:

  • Social Science & Humanities
  • Psychological& Health Sciences
  • Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management and Media
  • Life Sciences (ASU)
  • Physical & Environmental Sciences (ASU)

Benefits of the Transfer Pathway

  • Diploma plus degree earned
  • Eligible for up to 6.5 full credits towards a U of T degree
  • Satisfies U of T Scarborough admission requirements
  • Smooth entry from college to university
  • Two enriching post-secondary experiences

Admission Criteria for U of T Scarborough

  • Successful completion of the 2 year (4 semester) Liberal Arts diploma program or Arts & Science diploma program at Seneca College
  • Minimum program GPA of 3.0 from Seneca College
  • Completion of prerequisite courses
  • Recommendation from Seneca College to transfer to U of T Scarborough
  • Completion of at least 1 course (0.5 credit) at U of T Scarborough with a minimum CGPA of 1.7 (60%)

How To Apply

Are you in the Liberal Arts Transfer or Arts & Science University Transfer program?

  • Speak to your program coordinator at your college to determine your eligibility.
  • Email the Pathways staff at U of T Scarborough for more information.

Are you a new student considering entry into U of T Scarborough through a college program?

  • Contact the appropriate program coordinator at Seneca (see below).

The Pathway at a Glance

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Transfer Credit Equivalencies - ASU

Transfer Credit Equivalencies - LAT


Seneca College Contact

Denise Wales, PhD
Coordinator, Liberal Arts Program (LAT)
Seneca College (Newham Campus)

Seneca College
1750 Finch Ave. East
Toronto, Ontario M2J 2X5
Tel: 416-491-5050 ex. 22587

Adam Phillips
Coordinator, Arts & Science Program (ASU)
Seneca College (Seneca @ York Campus)

Seneca College
70 The Pond Rd. 
North York, Ontario M3J 3M6
Tel: 416-491-5050 ex. 33841

University of Toronto Scarborough Contact

Jenny Hickman, MA
Admissions and Recruitment Officer
Office of the Registrar

University of Toronto Scarborough
Highland Hall, Main Floor
1265 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4
Tel: 416-208-2690