College Applicant

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Ontario College of Arts & Applied Technology (CAAT)


We will consider your application if you have completed a two-year diploma, or at least two full years of a three-year diploma, in a program with sufficient academic content. If you are a mature student (at least 21 years old) and are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, you may be considered for admission based on one year of CAAT study. We base admission on your overall academic record with more emphasis on your last year of full-time study.


All program prerequisites must be satisfied at the Grade 12 U/OAC level. Two semesters of each subject taken at a CAAT may be considered in lieu of Grade 12 U/OAC program prerequisites. You will also need to meet the U of T Scarborough prerequisites for your program of choice. Proof of adequate English facility may be required when applying. For more details, visit the English Language Facility section of the site.


The required minimum average is typically a B, with stronger averages needed for highly competitive programs. You may also be considered if your achievement is slightly below B if you are applying to a Arts program (programs that leads to a Honours Bachelor of Arts degree).

Non-Ontario Canadian College Requirements

For an in-depth and comprehensive list of all Canadian College requirements, please visit the Future Students website at the University of Toronto.


The following programs are first-year entry only; if you have completed any postsecondary studies, you are not eligible for admission: