Computer Science

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Program summary

Computer Science at U of T Scarborough aims to combine the theory and practical elements of the integration of computers into many fields. In the Computer Science program, students will have the chance to prepare for graduate study and professional work in the field of Information Technology. Students will investigate the applications of computers to specific problems areas by looking at numerical analysis, data management systems, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

Students pursuing a Computer Science Specialist program can focus their studies with one of the following streams:

  • The Comprehensive Stream provides a broad and balanced exposure to the discipline. It is the stream best-suited for students planning to pursue graduate study in computer science, but it is also suitable for other career paths.
  • The Entrepreneurship Stream includes a solid core of computer science and software engineering, while exposing students to the framework and the methodologies that underlie the development of innovative technology ideas into viable commercial opportunities. Enrolment into the Entrepreneurship stream will be limited to highly qualified and motivated students, and preference will be given to students enrolled in the Specialist (Co-op) Program.

  • The Information Systems Stream has a similar focus as the Software Engineering Stream, but it provides additional exposure to certain aspects of business management. It is of special interest to students wishing to pursue careers in technical management but who have a deep interest in the technology.

  • The Software Engineering Stream places a greater emphasis on the engineering side of the discipline, including computer systems and core applications.

Students interested in Computer Science should also check out our Management & Information Technology program, which combines Computer Science with aspects of Management.

Please note: Computer Science is a first-year entry program; if you have completed any postsecondary studies, you are not eligible for admission.

Program Details

Degree Offered: Honours Bachelor of Science
Offered as Co-op: Yes
Program Options: Major/Minor/Specialist

Program Admissions

Admissions Category: Computer Science
Supplementary Application Form Required: No
Admissions Prerequisites: Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors, English
Approximate Grade Requirements: Mid 90s (Non Co-op) / Mid 90s (Co-op)
OUAC Application Code: TXC

Student Experience

Career Options: Program Tipsheet