Computer Science

students in a computer lab

Program Summary

Computer Science at U of T Scarborough aims to combine the theory and practical elements of the integration of computers into many fields.

In the Computer Science program, students will have the chance to prepare for graduate study and professional work in the field of Information Technology. Students will investigate the applications of computers to specific problems areas by looking at numerical analysis, data management systems, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

The new Health Informatics Specialist stream provides a broad perspective of the Computer Science field and exposure to additional subjects, including statistics and social sciences, that are useful for a career as a computer scientist in the health sector. This program is intended for students interested in the application of information technology to improve health care delivery, system efficiency, quality of care and clinical outcomes.

Students may choose to focus on the following Specialist areas:

  1. Comprehensive Stream
  2. Entrepreneurship Stream
  3. Information Systems Stream
  4. Software Engineering Stream

Students interested in Computer Science should also check out our Management & Information Technology program, which combines Computer Science with aspects of Management.

Program Details

Degree Offered: Honours Bachelor of Science
Offered as Co-op: Yes
Program Options: Major / Minor / Specialist

Program Admissions

Admissions Category: Computer Science
Supplementary Application Form Required: No
Admission Prerequisites: Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors, English
Approximate Grade Requirements: High 80s (Non Co-op) / High 80s (Co-op)
OUAC Application Code: TXC (Non Co-op)

Student Experience

Career Options: Program Tipsheet