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A Visiting Student at U of T Scarborough is a student who is working towards an undergraduate degree at another North American university. U of T Scarborough course credits will be transferred to your degree program at your home university. To be considered as a Visiting Student, you must be in good academic standing at your home university. 

Note: All U of T Scarborough courses have enrolment limits and an Offer of Admission does not guarantee registration in particular courses. When choosing courses, we recommend you select extra U of T Scarborough courses for your home university to approve in case we cannot accommodate your preference.


Students at universities in Canada/USA

  • For Fall/Winter entry, submit your application by July 31.
  • For Summer entry, submit your application by April 1

 The Visiting Students Application Form should be filled out if you wish to visit U of T Scarborough on a Letter of Permission (LOP), and subsequently will return to your home campus to complete your degree. Please also remember to provide the following items:

  1. A letter from your home university giving you permission (i.e., a Letter of Permission) to take a specific course or courses at U of T Scarborough;
  2. A $60 CAD application fee; and
  3. An official copy of your academic transcript.

Initially, we will accept “unofficial” transcripts with your application. However, at a later stage, when you are admitted as a Visiting Student, we will ask that you arrange for an official transcript to be sent directly from your home university’s Registrar's Office.

Note: When you apply for a Letter of Permission from your home university, it will likely request that you provide a course description for each U of T Scarborough course you wish to take. Course information and timetables are available online from the U of T Scarborough Course Calendar.

Students at universities with U of T Student Exchange Agreements

Before you apply as a Visiting Student, check with your home university to see if it has a student exchange agreement with the University of Toronto.  A list of institutions with exchange agreements is provided on U of T’s International Student Exchange Program website
If the answer is yes, it may be possible to attend U of T Scarborough on a student exchange. Contact your home campus for more information about student exchange programs.

Students from McGill University or the University of British Columbia

These universities have a student exchange program with the University of Toronto, which is open to citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Learn more about the program.

Students at international universities

For September entry, submit your application by June 2.

The form you need to complete is the Non-degree application. Before you apply, we recommend you consult with the appropriate offices at your home university to ensure they will give you approval, at least in principle, to study at U of T Scarborough.