Apply to U of T Scarborough

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How to Apply as an International Applicant

  1. Check your admissions requirements.

  2. Determine if a Facilitated Admission is right for you.

  3. Apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).

  4. Wait for your confirmation email, then login to your JOIN U of T portal for your next steps.

  5. Check transfer credit eligibility.


Admissions Requirements

For an in-depth and comprehensive list of all international school requirements, please visit the University of Toronto's Future Students website.


Facilitated Admissions for International Students

If you are a student from mainland China or Hong Kong and you are interested in facilitated admissions to U of T Scarborough, you may want to consider the Green Path program.

Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)

Applying to the University of Toronto Scarborough is done online via the OUAC website. You should use the Undergraduate Application if:

  • You currently reside outside of Canada AND
  • You are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident AND
  • Currently attending an Ontario Secondary School day program, studying the Ontario curriculum, either within Canada or abroad.

Visit the Undergraduate Application.


Transfer Credits

Some high schools offer opportunities to earn university credit for work you've done in high school. This would include programs such as International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, etc. After you've applied to U of T Scarborough, we will automatically determine if you qualify for transfer credits based on your academic performances. For more information about these secondary curriculums, click here.

If you are applying as an international transfer applicant with post-secondary experience please visit transfer explorer to see if you can transfer credit. More information on transfer credits can be found on our website. 


Learn more information about the International Application at U of T.