Combined Environmental Science and MEng Program

UTSC Student in lab

The world needs a new kind of professional to develop solutions to challenges such as climate control, natural resources management, and ecosystems maintenance. This program combines a solid foundation in Environmental Science academic disciplines with advanced training in Civil or Chemical Engineering. Successful graduates earn a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Toronto, all in five years.

U of T Scarborough Program Options

To be admissible, you must select either the Co-op, Specialist, or Major options available for the following programs at UTSC.

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Chemistry MEng programs

Depending on which UTSC program you select, it will determine which MEng programs you can select.

Admission Requirements

Full admission requirements is available in the Academic Calendar.

Program Path

  • Years 1-3: BSc requirements
  • Year 4: BSc requirements (including two Faculty of Engineering & Applied Chemistry undergraduate half courses and up to 1.0 credit of MEng requirements)
  • Year 5: MEng remaining requirements