Students Currently Enrolled at UTSC

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There are three ways current U of T Scarborough students may receive transfer credit from another degree-granting postsecondary institution. You can complete courses at another university in the following ways.

Outbound Exchange Opportunities

Formal university partnerships with institutions outside of Canada. Outbound exchange programs are strongly recommended for students interested in an international academic experience. Students on a formal exchange are highly supported by U of T Scarborough and the Learning Abroad Office. For information about outbound exchange programs, please visit the Registrar's Office website to explore your options.

Letters of Permission

Students interested in studying at another degree-granting institution in Canada may apply for a Letter of Permission. This will confirm your eligibility to be a visiting student and receive transfer credit for the courses that you may take at another Canadian university. 

Deadline to Apply

It is your responsibility to check directly with the host university for information concerning their application and registration deadlines.

Fall Session Applications open: May 15 Application and documentation deadline: July 31
Winter Session Applications open: September 15 Application and documentation deadline: November 15
Summer Session Applications open: January 16 Application and documentation deadline: March 15


Post-Admission Transfer Credit

Students who take courses at another institution without following Letter of Permission or Outbound Exchange Opportunities may still be eligible for transfer credits, however the transfer credit assessment will only take place upon completion of the course(s). Therefore, there is no guarantee that coursework completed at another institution will transfer to your U of T Scarborough degree program.

Our policies are subject to change at any time. Please check carefully to review the most up-to-date application for our active policies and practices. The policies listed on your application at the time of submission will be used to consider your transfer credit request. 

Deadline to Apply

Fall Session Applications open: December 15 Application and documentation deadline: January 31
Winter Session Applications open: April 15 Application and documentation deadline: May 31
Summer Session Applications open: August 15 Application and documentation deadline: September 30

Expectations for Letter of Permission and Post-Admission Transfer Credit

Students must meet the following minimum criteria before their request for a Letter of Permission or post-admission transfer credit. Review the full list of expectations and eligibility criteria on the respective applications.

  1. Students must be eligible to enrol and must have completed at least 4.0 credits as a UTSC student.

  2. Students must be "In Good Standing" with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.60.

  3. Students may not have any administrative holds (financial or other), or grade notations of GWR or SDF on their record.

  4. Students may not receive more than 5.0 full credits through a Letter of Permission or post-admission transfer credits. See the Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Allowed below.

  5. Students may not receive more than 1.0 full credit at the C or D level.

  6. Students enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are not eligible to receive credit for program requirements, with the exception of MGTA01H3 or MGTA02H3.
  7. Students who are not enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are eligible to receive generic credit only, for courses equivalent to those restricted to Management students.


Letter of Permission and Post-Admission Transfer Credit Fee Structure

Application for 0.5 or 1.0 credit $40
Approval for 1.5 credits $40 x 1.5 = $60
Approval for 2.0 credits $40 x 2.0 = $80
Approval for 2.5 credits $40 x 2.5 = $100
Approval for 3.0 credits $40 x 3.0 = $120
Approval for 5.0 credits $40 x 5.0 = $200
Fees are subject to change. $40 is required when the application is submitted. The fee is non-refundable. If more credits are approved, the balance is due if/when the Letter of Permission is approved.

Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Allowed

University of Toronto Scarborough awards a maximum of 5.0 post-admission transfer credits (through the Letter of Permission or Post-Admission Transfer Credit application); the number for which you are eligible may be reduced if you have already received on-admission transfer credits.

If you received transfer credit(s) at the time of admission to U of T Scarborough, follow the chart below to determine how many post-admission transfer credits you may be eligible for:

Transfer credit received on admission

Potential post-admission transfer credits (LOP/PATC)

0.0 to 5.0




















10.0 or more


Application details are online here