International Baccalaureate (IB)

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This page indicates how transfer credit is awarded for International Baccalaureate (IB). Please note that the following rules and regulations only apply to students admitted to a degree program and who are registered at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) during the 2020/21 academic year.


Transfer credit is awarded for Higher Level (HL) exams where a final grade of at least 5 is achieved.  No transfer credit is awarded for Standard Level (SL) exams.


In order to receive credit, final results must reach Enrolment Services by no later than July 17, 2020. Visit for more information on how to arrange to have the IBO release your results to the University of Toronto. Results issued by your school are not acceptable. 

Enrolment Services
172 St. George St.
Toronto, ON M5R 0A3


If you have taken more than one exam in the same discipline, only 1.0 full credit will be given as students are not permitted to apply more than one first year credit in the same discipline towards their degree. For example, if you have taken History of Africa and History of the Americas, you will receive one HIS credit only.


If you wish to decline or forfeit the transfer credits awarded to you, you must email  no later than October 31, 2020. The option to forfeit is only available to students who have not attended another post- secondary institution. Once forfeited, transfer credits cannot be reinstated.


If you choose to forfeit transfer credit given for a course for which you were awarded two half credits, you must forfeit both half credits.




Exclusion: U of T courses in which you may not enrol unless you forfeit the transfer credit.  In addition, you may not enrol in any courses that are listed in the UTSC Calendar as exclusions for these courses or the transfer credit courses. Courses may also carry restrictions, especially language courses, which prevent students from enroling.  If you enrol in any of these courses, the course will be listed as “extra” on your transcript and will not count towards your degree.

Unspecified transfer credit: A course that has no exact equivalency in the Faculty.  For example, CHMA**H represents an unspecified first year credit in Chemistry.  Unspecified credits may be used to meet prerequisite, program or breadth requirements as long as permission is obtained from the relevant Program Supervisor.

Generic transfer credit: A course for which no equivalent discipline exists.  For example, HUM – Humanities, LGG – Language, SCI – Science, SSC – Social Science.

Breadth Requirement: Of the 20 credits required to complete a degree, at least one half-credit must come from each of the following five breadth categories (Refer to the UTSC Calendar for more information):

  • Arts, literature and language (Arts)
  • History, philosophy and cultural studies (HisPhil)
  • Social and behavioural sciences (SocBeh)
  • Natural sciences (NatSci)
  • Quantitative reasoning (Quant)

Subjects not listed below may still be considered for transfer credit. The University of Toronto Scarborough reserves the right to change transfer credit policies without notice.


Course  Name 

Transfer Credit Given

Credit Value


Subject Area

Mother Tongue

Arabic  B NML1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Arabic A: Language and Literature NML1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Arabic A: Literature NML1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Bengali A: Literature LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Biology BIOA01H3, BIOA02H3 1.0   (BR=NatSci)  
Business and Management No Credit     X  
Cantonese B LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Chemistry CHMA10H3, CHMA11H3 1.0   (BR=NatSci)  
Chinese A: Language and Literature LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Chinese A: Literature LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Chinese B - Cantonese LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Chinese B - Mandarin LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Classical Greek GRK1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Computer Science CSCA**H, CSCA08H3 1.0   (BR=Quant)  
Dance No Credit     X  
Danish B LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Design Technology No Credit     X  
Dutch A: Language and Literature LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Dutch A: Literature LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Economics MGEA01H3, MGEA05H3 1.0   (BR=SocBeh)  
English A: Language and Literature ENGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
English A: Literature ENGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
English B No Credit     X  
Environmental Systems and Societies No Credit     X  
Film HUMA**Y 1.0   X  
French A: Language and Literature FREA01H3, FREA02H3 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
French A: Literature FREA01H3, FREA02H3 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
French B FREA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Further Mathematics No Credit     X  
Geography EESA01H3 0.5  


German A: Literature GER1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
German B GER1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Global Politics POLA**Y 1.0   (BR=SocBeh)  
Hindi B LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
History HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Africa HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Americas HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Asia/Middle East HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Asia/Oceania HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Europe HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
History Europe/Middle East HISA04H3, HISA05H3 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
Indonesian A: Literature LNG1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Islamic History NMC1**Y 1.0   (BR=HisPhil)  
Italian B ITA1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
ITGS SSCA**Y 1.0   (BR=SocBeh)  
Japanese A: Language and Literature GASA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Japanese A: Literature GASA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Japanese B LGGA80H3, LGGA81H3 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Korean A: Language & Literature GASA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Korean B: Language  LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Latin LAT1**H, LAT1**H 1.0      
Macedonian A1 No Credit     X  
Mandarin B LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Mathematics MATA30H3, MATA36H3 1.0   (BR=Quant)  
Modern Greek A: Literature HUMA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Modern Greek A1 HUMA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Music VPMA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
NorwegianA1 LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Philosophy PHLA**H 0.5   (BR=HisPhil)  
Persian A: Literature GASA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Physics PHYA11H3, PHYA22H3 1.0   (BR=NatSci)  
Portuguese B: Language LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Psychology PSYA01H3, PSYA02H3 1.0  

(BR=NatSci) &

Romanian A: Literature No Credit     X  
Russian A: Literature SLA1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Social and Cultural Anthropology ANTA02H3, ANTA**H 1.0   (BR=SocBeh)  
Social Anthropology ANTA02H3, ANTA**H 1.0   (BR=SocBeh)  
Spanish A: Language and Literature SPA1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Spanish A: Literature SPA1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Spanish B LGGA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts) Y
Theatre VPDA10H3, VPDA11H3 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Theatre Arts VPDA10H3, VPDA11H3 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Turkish A: Literature NML1**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)  
Visual Arts VPSA**Y 1.0   (BR=Arts)