Arts & Media Management, Anthropology (Evolutionary)

Pronouns: she/her

About Me

I chose my program to further dive into the business world of ACM (arts, culture and media) while also exploring a degree that was in the sciences to broaden my horizons on future Master degrees. What I love about my program is how I can develop the leadership/financial knowledge and qualities to manage a ACM business in the future while also engaging in hands-on labs and exploring the unknown knowledge of our human kind ancestors! 

Advice I wish I told my first year self might have been:

Learn more about what interests you the most and find your reason to be active in your classes for a degree you know you can complete! 

My favourite food:

Fried Chicken combo (from Church's) 

During my free time:

I like to listen to J- & K-pop and create Mixed-media art pieces (scrapbooking and Himi gouache painting)