Why Apply to Residence?

Support from the Residence Life Team

The Residence Life Coordinators oversee a team of student leaders hired by Student Housing & Residence Life. The Residence Life Team (RLT) trains for two weeks each August to develop the skills and knowledge needed to advise students on topics such as accessing student services and positive roommate relations. Each hall is led by a Residence Advisor (RA) who shares their own experience as a university student and serves as a leader for their community and a link between students and all that the University has to offer. 

Convenience and Campus Connections

Close proximity to faculty, services and campus life promotes a positive integration into academic life and the community on campus. This convenience leads to more engagement with professors, teaching assistants, academic and personal support services, committees, clubs and events. When a student's sense of belonging to the campus is strong, the impact on the entire student experience is significant and beneficial.

First Year Guarantee

As a first-year student you are guaranteed a place in residence if you apply by due date, complete the application and receive a residence offer by making a deposit.

Safety & Security

A number of policies and programs exist to promote safety and awareness within the community in residence and on campus.

First Year Applicants

Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program. 

Upper Year Applicants

An applicant is considered an upper-year student when they have completed at least one semester at U of T Scarborough. Exchange students and transfer students entering an upper-year of study would be considered a new upper-year student.

Summer Residence

Enjoy the beauty of campus in full bloom and the convenience and comfort of living on campus.