Residence townhouses

Our townhouses and apartment building are well-maintained by the Residence Facilites team. They are ready to respond to maintenance requests and questions you have about living in the residence facilities. 

Please review the information here and contact our office if you have questions at any time about the residence facilities.

Residence facilities services

Is something not working in your unit? Residence Facilities staff are ready to help!

Submit maintenance requests and follow their status on the StarRez Portal. Login and select "Maintenance" from the main menu and complete the form.

It is important to report issues in your unit via the Maintenance form so all the appropriate information is collected and it is documented that you have requested that staff enter your unit to fix the issue. 

Urgent issues

If you are experiencing an urgent facilities-related issue, please call the Residence office during office hours (416-287-7365), or the Residence Life Team on-call after hours (416-688-3818) to report it immediately. 

Urgent issues include:

  • Flooding

  • Loss of power

  • No heat

  • Access issue (dead door battery, broken key)

  • Premises not secure (door or window lock is broken)

  • Appliance breakdown

  • No hot water

  • Toilet not working in unit with 1 toilet

  • Slippery conditions outside your unit

In case of fire, get out safely then call 9-1-1.  For contained/extinguished kitchen fires, report if the "Fire Stop" extinguishing powder above your stove releases, or if a fire extinguisher has been used.

If you are unsure whether it is an urgent issue, it is always better to call.

As a part of your residence move in process, you must complete the Unit Condition Inventory Report. This is an important step to complete as it allows to you to indicate the condition of items in your unit, and ensures you are not charged for any wear and tear that existed prior to you living in the unit. 

Please complete the Unit Condition Inventory Report within 1 business day of moving in. Note that this form only reports the current condition of your unit. If something needs to be repaired in your unit, you must submit a maintenance request in the StarRez Portal and according to the instructions above. 

Instructions for completing the Unit Condition Inventory Report are provided to you at move in and are downloadable here. Contact the Residence office if you have any questions.

Waste, recycling, and compost bags are available in the Birch, Grey Pine, and Joan Foley Hall laundry rooms.  


Place your waste at the curb outside the front of your house Mondays and Thursdays between 8:30am-10:00am for pick up starting at 10:00am. All bags must be tied.   

Do not place garbage curbside the night before as it will attract wildlife. All townhouses have exterior garbage spaces adjacent to the front door that you can store waste in until waste collection day. 

Foley Hall 

Bring waste to the garbage room located at the end of every floor near units 13 and 15 and place down the chute. All bags must be tied. 

Do not leave bags on the floor of the garbage room. If needed, bring the bags directly to the dumpster located behind Foley Hall. 

The UTSC FreeStore is a sustainability initiative where hundreds of gently used housewares and homecare products are collected from students moving out of residence each year and made available for incoming residents to access completely free! Items include dishes, cookware, cleaning products, décor and much more. 

At move out, gently used clothing, linens, textbooks, and non-perishable food items are also collected and donated to community organizations. Information about how to donate is shared via the Residence Weekly Newsletter and email to residents prior to move out.

All units receive a monthly cleaning in common areas included their residence fees. Professional contract cleaners clean kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and hallways. 

Students are notified via email in advance of their cleaning date and must work together as housemates in advance to prepare for this cleaning:

  • Put away all personal items in common areas
  • Clean and put away all dishes, cookware and utensils in cupboards and drawers. Clear the kitchen counter and sink.
  • Remove items from bathroom counter tops
  • Remove shampoo or bottles from shower
  • Ensure all hallways and living areas are clear of shoes, clothing etc.
  • Put all garbage outside in exterior garbage storage area or bring to the garbage room. Cleanes will not remove garbage from units.

Cleaners must be able to access the common areas for cleaning. If the house is not prepared for the cleaning and cleaners are not able to clean the space due to significant mess, a follow up cleaning will be scheduled and all residents of the unit will split the cost of cleaning.

Please note, housemates are responsible to work together to keep their houses clean in between monthly common area cleanings, and are each fully responsible for the cleanliness of their individual bedrooms.


All residence units are equipped with a broom and dustpan, mop, and vacuum cleaner.  Students are responsible for providing their own cleaning products.