First Year Applicants

Residence applications for 2020/21 will be available March 4, 2020.


Off-campus housing advising is available for all students. 


Residence Guarantee for First-Year Applicants

Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program, if they meet the following criteria. To be eligible, students must accept an offer of admission from the University and follow the steps below.

Exchange students and transfer students who are entering an upper-year of study are considered new upper-year students.

How to Apply

  1. Enable your JOINid.
    Your JOINid is your key to access the application through the StarRez Portal, U of T’s common residence application. Have your U of T applicant number and JOINid ready and visit to get set up.
  2. Confirm your interest by March 31, 2020.
    Log in to StarRez to see a list of residences and room types that you are eligible to apply to. Confirm your interest in residence and rank your room preferences.

Next steps

Residence offers are only made to those who receive an offer of admission to U of T. Students qualifying for the first-year residence guarantee will receive offers after June 1, 2020.  Students who missed the residence guarantee deadlines may receive an offer throughout the summer as space becomes available. If you miss the residence guarantee deadline you are encouraged to check the Student Housing Portal frequently to check the status of your residence application.

When you receive a residence offer, follow the instructions and be mindful of required deposits and deadlines.

Students are encouraged to visit the TCard+ website for information and instructions on purchasing optional meal plans.

Students have until July 17, 2020 to request roommates, Changes after July 17th, must be made in writing to

Roommate Requests

Learn how to request roommates before the housing assignment process takes place.