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To request a room change or withdraw from residence after Move In Day, fill and send the appropriate form below and email to the Residence office. You will be required to book a meeting with Residence staff to discuss your request.

Room Change Request form

Students who have room changes approved will be charged a $150 room change fee. If a room change is requested due to a housemate concern, students must follow the steps outlined in the Residence Guide prior to being considered for a room change.


Withdrawal from Residence form

Students who withdraw from residence after Move In Day are responsible for a percentage of the full Residence Agreement fees as per the chart wthin the Withdrawal form. A withdrawal form of $650 also applied.


The following forms or sign ups are completed on the StarRez Portal. When they are made available, they can be found under the "Manage My Housing" tab:

  • Move In Appointment sign up
  • Winter Break form
  • Summer Transition Period stay form
  • Move Out Appointment sign up