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Gas Leak - Smell

A smell of gas was detected on campus this morning. Out of an abundance of caution, we are closing the campus today. We will keep you informed of developments as they come up.

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To request a room change or withdraw from residence after Move In Day, fill and send the appropriate form below and email to the Residence office. You will be required to book a meeting with Residence staff to discuss your request.

Room Change Request form

Students who have room changes approved will be charged a $150 room change fee. If a room change is requested due to a housemate concern, students must follow the steps outlined in the Residence Guide prior to being considered for a room change.


Withdrawal from Residence form

Students who withdraw from residence after Move In Day are responsible for a percentage of the full Residence Agreement fees as per the chart wthin the Withdrawal form. A withdrawal form of $650 also applied.


The following forms or sign ups are completed on the StarRez Portal. When they are made available, they can be found under the "Manage My Housing" tab:

  • Move In Appointment sign up
  • Winter Break form
  • Summer Transition Period stay form
  • Move Out Appointment sign up