Living Learning Communities

What is a Living Learning Community?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed to connect students living in residence who share common interests and to extend opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. LLCs provide opportunities for students to get involved within their residence community, while connecting with peers, faculty and staff. UTSC Residence Living Learning Communities include the Global Citizenship LLC, the Health & Wellbeing LLC, and the Sustainability LLC


What do you do in an LLC?

As a part of the LLC, you will participate in events and workshops related to your LLC theme in order to build your knowledge and to connect with peers on this subject. Alongside your community members, you will work on a community project to promote global citizenship, health and wellbeing, and sustainability within the campus and/or greater community. Each community is open to residents from any program of study so that we can approach our discussions from diverse academic and lived perspectives.


What benefits do you get from an LLC?

The LLCs are CCR validated. Students who participate in the LLCs will receive a CCR Credit at the end of academic school year. In order to receive a CCR credit, students will have to:

• Attend 1 Res Chat with your LLC Residence Advisor

• Attend 3 LLC Workshops and complete reflection 

• Attend 1 Skills Development Workshop

• Participate in LLC Culminating Project in the Winter semester


Goals of Living Learning Communities

UTSC Residence Life offers Living Learning Communities to help students achieve the following goals:

  • Academic Success: we help students identify and strive to achieve realistic and tangible goals that contribute to their overall academic effort
  • Find a sense of belonging: we help students feel connected at UTSC and provide opportunities for active engagement within the campus and Scarborough community
  • Personal Development: we encourage students to problem solve, think critically, accept responsibility for one’s actions, and learn and grow from challenging experiences
Three Living Learning Communities Example Event

Global Citizenship LLC

The Global Citizenship LLC is open to all first-year students living in residence who have a desire to learn and exchange global perspectives in order to contribute to our global communities. Members of the Global Citizenship LLC will have the opportunity to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the topic of global citizenship, while helping to promote global social responsibility within the UTSC Residence Community, on-campus and the greater Scarborough community.  

Global Citizenship Event

Health & Wellbeing LLC

The Health & Wellbeing LLC is a floor community in residence where members are celebrated and passionate about intrapersonal and community health. Members of the Health & Wellbeing LLC will have the opportunity to connect with learning outside of the classroom opportunities related to the topic of health & wellbeing, while helping to promote health and wellness initiatives within the UTSC Residence Community, on-campus and the greater Scarborough community.

Health and Wellness Event Poster

Sustainability LLC

The Sustainability LLC  focuses on core concepts that provide a starting point for students to learn about how they are connected to issues concerning sustainability. The workshops throughout the academic year will delve deeper into themes such as climate change, Indigenous stewardship, plastic pollution, and civic action through thought-provoking sessions with critical discussions and educational activities. During these workshops, members of this LLC will connect what they are learning in the classroom to their own lives, think critically about their daily habits, learn how to hold governments and organizations accountable, and actively engage in conversations about how they can incorporate actionable measures for positive change. 

Sustainability Workshop Poster


How to Join an LLC?

Residents of the Living Learning community must be engaged citizens who positively influence their peers' development and support. Each LLC has specific admission requirements and criteria.

If you are interested in applying for one of our Living Learning Community Program, you will need to complete the Residence Leaving Learning Community section within the online residence application, and answer LLC specific questions.

The applications for next semester will open up in March.

  • Students who are selected to live in a Living Learning Community will be in a dedicated areas around residence
  • Students living in an LLC will have the option of single and shared bedroom units. If you wish to live with a specific housemate, they also must be participating in an LLC program. Follow the instructions in the “Housemate Request” section of StarRez Portal 
  • Students in LLC programs will be matched with LLC housemates with the same gender rooming preference (Mixed Gender, Same Gender Men or Same Gender Women) 

Please note that space is limited within Living Learning Communities. Indicating interest is not a guarantee that you will be assigned to a Living Learning Community. Students will be selected based on the quality of their application. To be eligible for a Living Learning Community, you must meet residence eligibility requirements and application deadlines.  


How to Contact Us?

Please send an email to if you have any additional inquiries regarding living learning communities.