Moving Out

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Move Out Dates

Fall & Winter 2022-2023

  • The latest time to move out of residence is 24 hours after your final exam, or Friday, April 28 by 12:00pm, whichever comes first
  • Students have been emailed their move out times
  • Students unsure of their move out time should contact the Residence office as soon as possible


Move out instructions

Follow the Move Out Check List and read the Residence Move Out Guide to ensure you understand everything you need to do to have an efficient move out that is free from extra charges. 

Need help developing your shared housemate cleaning plan? Speak to your Residence Advisor well in advance of move out for support.



At move out, we facilitate the opportunity for students to donate items. Donating your gently used housewares and non-perishable food helps us as a community from adding unnecessarily to landfills.

Through the UTSC FreeStore, we collect houseware items that new students can reuse next year. Additionally, we collect clothing, linens, and non-perishable food to donate to community partners. This will also help you reduce the amount of packing you have to do for move out! 

Donation boxes will be delivered to each unit on April 11 and 12 to place items in. Do not take this box for moving. Donation boxes will be picked up between April 24-28.

Please wash all items prior to placing them in donation boxes that have been delivered to your unit. Donated items should be gently used and in reusable condition. 



Items accepted How to donate


  • Cleaning supplies (new & used)
  • Dishes, cookware, utensils
  • Cups, mugs
  • Small appliances (toasters, blenders, kettles, rice cookers)
  • Electronic waste

Place in FreeStore donation box delivered to your unit.

Submit a maintenance request on the StarRez Portal if you fill the provided box and another one.

Clothing and textiles

  • Clean, gently used clothing items (no undergarments)
  • Shoes
  • Bedding

Place in clear plastic bags delivered to your unit, or bin in your laundry room. Or, bring to red bins in Residence Centre.

Submit a maintenance request on the StarRez Portal if you fill the provided bag and another one.


  • Unopened, sealed, non-perishable food only
  • For example, canned soup, dry pasta, rice, dry cereals.
  • Unopened sauces
Place in donation bin in Foley Hall lobby or bin in Residence Centre.
Textbooks Place in bin in the Residence Centre.
Items Not Accepted: Opened or frozen food (Place open food in your compost), personal hygiene products, garbage

Unsure if it can be donated? Please email your Facilities Coordinator:



Store Your Dorm can help you store your belongings from one semester to the next at an offsite location. They deliver boxes and tape to your room, pick up from your room, store them over the session and then deliver them back when requested.

FindStorageFast is a webite that can help you find storage locations within the city.  Options in Scarborough include, Access, Storage Mart, Spaces, XYZ and more.  Some companies offer full service pick up and delivery or traditional self storage.


Withdrawing from Residence During a Session

Please contact the Student Housing & Residence Life Office for further information about withdrawing early from your residence contract.