There is much to learn about navigating living in your new space. Please review the information below about the amenities and services in residence, as well as those offered through campus partners.

Living in Residence

Your residence room is your home away from home! You are welcome to bring items to personalize your space such as posters, pictures, plants and other decorative items, but must they must be affixed to walls using painter's tape only.

Students are not permitted to use nails, tacks, masking tape, Scotch tape, duct tape, or other adhesive products. Students will be responsible for all repair costs resulting from using these products.

Posters and pictures may only be affixed to walls. They are not permitted to be affixed to windows. 

The University is not liable for damage or loss of residents’ personal property. In the case an event such as, but not limited to, theft, fire, infestation, or flood, residents are solely responsible for the cost of replacing their own items.

Students are also responsible for the loss of property, personal injury and/or property damage that results from actions done by themselves or their guests on purpose, or, by not being careful. For example, students could be held responsible for extensive damage costs for frozen or burst pipes caused by failing to keep windows closed in cold temperatures.

Therefore, tenant insurance is strongly recommended for University of Toronto Scarborough residence students.

Most major insurance companies offer tenant insurance policies. A list of licensed insurance companies in the province of Ontario can be found on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario webpage.Opens an external site in a new window Shop around and ask your preferred insurance company if it offers student discounts. Alternatively, if a student or their guardian holds an insurance policy that will cover you during your stay in residence, that policy can be extended as tenant's insurance coverage

Mail & Parcel instructions:

Mail and parcel(s) are processed by Student Housing & Residence Life staff. The Residence Services Desk is happy to sign for mail/parcel(s) but takes no responsibility for mislabelled, misplaced or damaged packages. Students living in residence will be notified to their official University of Toronto email address (@mail.utoronto.ca) once the Student Housing and Residence Life office has processed mail/parcels into our system. Residents are required to provide proof of T-Card in order to pick up mail/parcels. Couriers especially will not have access to units in Joan Foley Hall, and will need to come to the Residence Services Desk for delivery.

Please make sure that your TCard name and address are written clearly on your mail/parcel(s) to ensure it is delivered correctly. We will not accept packages for names that are not listed in our StarRez system. Kindly ensure that you are not using nicknames or alternative names on your mail/parcel(s).

  • Please note, mail/parcel(s) deliveries are only accepted during office hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm. We are not responsible for deliveries left unattended inside or outside the Residence Centre.
  • We cannot accept letter mail/parcel(s) for students not currently living in residence. Have your address changed with Canada Post, couriers, purchase vendors and all of your senders upon move out.
  • We will not accept food or grocery delivery for students a the Residence Centre. Students must arrange to meet the driver and collect their own food or grocery delivery.

Mail & Parcel pick up location: 

If you live in the townhouses or Joan Foley Hall: Pick up at the Residence office in the south Residence Centre.

If you live in Harmony Commons: Pick up at the Services Desk on the main floor in Harmony Commons.

If you have questions about collecting mail and/or parcel(s), email residence.utsc@utoronto.ca.


Mailing Address Template:


Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Dogwood, Elm

Fir, Grey Pine, Hickory, Ironwood,

Juniper, Koa, Larch, and Maple Halls

Joan Foley Hall Apartment                        Harmony Commons

Resident Name on TCard


Unit #: (e.g. H-8-I)

1275 Military Trail   

Toronto, Ontario

M1C 1A4

Resident Name on TCard

Joan Foley Hall 

Unit #: (e.g. FH 308)

1275 Military Trail   

Toronto, Ontario

M1C 1A4

Resident Name on TCard

Harmony Commons

Room #: (E.g RE-202)

3300 Ellesmere Road

Toronto, Ontario

M1C 1G9


Laundry machines are located in the following areas throughout residence:

  • Birch Hall and Grey Pine Hall: For residents of Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Dogwood, Elm, Fir, Grey Pine, Hickory, and Ironwood Halls
  • Joan Foley Hall 1, 2, 3, and 4: For residents of each respective Joan Foley Hall floor. They are located across from the common lounges
  • Larch Hall: For residents of Juniper, Koa, Larch, and Maple Halls
  • Harmony Commons: Located in the basement of the building

Machines are operated with your TCard. Load funds at: eAccounts U of T TCard+ eAccounts (transactcampus.com)

Costs per load:

  • Washing: $2.25
  • Drying:  $1.50

Connecting to the wifi network

Residence runs on the University of Toronto campus wifi network. Before connecting to the University wifi system for the first time, it's always best to verify your UTORid credentials

Network: UofT

Password: Connect with your UTORid and password


Internet and tech support

Contact the Information & Instructional Technology Services (IITS) Student HelpDesk if you are experiencing issues connecting or with internet-related issues in residence. 


Ethernet connection is not guaranteed

Wireless internet is provided throughout residence. Ethernet ports for hard line connection do exist in in the Fir, Grey Pine, Hickory, Ironwood, Juniper, Koa, Larch and Maple townhouses, and Joan Foley Hall, however, are not actively supported. Students are responsible for providing their own ethernet cable.



Students can print on campus. Instructions for mobile printing and locations are available on the IITS website.


Parking on campus is managed by Parking Services.


Residence parking permits

Residence parking permits are available on sale at the beginning of the session. Details can be found at: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/parking/welcome-parking-services.

Please note that you need to provide the vehicle registration/ownership in order to purchase a Residence permit. Your last name and/or permanent address must be the same as that on the vehicle registration. Permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and only one vehicle may be registered to use a Residence permit.


Parking for move in and move out days

Generally, parking is free of charge for the official residence move in and move out days provided the student has obtained a residence move in/out parking slip from the Residence office. Outside of moving in and out, you must pay for parking and park in the appropriate lot as directed by Parking Services. 

Moving in/out outside of official dates: Obtain a parking slip for your move out from the Residence Office in advance. The slip is date stamped for 2 hours of free parking only.


Obey parking rules

Driving up to the front doors of Joan Foley Hall, driving down the pathways in South or North residence, parking in laneways and emergency exits, and parking anywhere other than marked parking spots is strictly prohibited. Vehicles not parked in legitimate parking spaces will be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.


It is important to register for your TCard and carry it with you at all times. Your TCard is your valid identification on campus for academic purposes and access to all other campus services and amenities.

In residence, you will need to present your TCard for help at the Residence office, picking up your mail, using your meal plan, and operating the laundry machines.

Registering for your TCard: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/registrar/tcard



You can use your TCard to pay for goods and services at UTSC and UTSG. In residence, you need to load TBucks onto your TCard to operate laundry machines.

Loading funds: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/tcardplus/

It is important that you monitor your UToronto email (@mail.utoronto.ca), or the email you have on file in ACORN, every day while living in residence. Important administrative and facilities-related notices will be emailed to you.

You will also receive a weekly Residence Newsletter that will contain the events and programs happening in residence that week, as well as other important announcements. 

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If you have questions while living in residence, talk to your Residence Advisor, or ask the Residence office.

Students ordering food delivery to campus must be available to meet the delivery person outside when the food arrives, or, instruct the delivery person to park in the closest parking lot and walk the food to their townhouse front door. In Joan Foley Hall, students must meet delivery people at the building lobby entrance to obtain their food. Delivery people are not permitted to enter Joan Foley Hall to drop food at your apartment door. Food, including grocery food kits, cannot be delivered to the Residence Office.

When ordering, students should provide specific instructions for the delivery driver to park in the lot closest to their residence hall (Lot B, C, or E). Delivery drivers are not permitted to drive down the townhouse pathways or block the entrance of Joan Foley Hall.

Parking lots (Lot B & C require driver to request access at the parking gates by pushing the "Assistance" button):

Lot B - Deliveries to Fir, Grey Pine, Hickory, Ironwood

Lot C - Deliveries to Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Dogwood, Elm; Joan Foley Hall

Lot E - Deliveries to Juniper, Koa, Larch, Maple