Why Live in Residence?

Why Live in Residence?

Choosing to live on UTSC Residence provides unique benefits to you. You are not simply accessing a place to live, but you also have access to 24/7 services, resources, programming and trained university staff to support your transition to university, and your living and learning experience.

Safety and Support

Part of our residence life program is offering services and resources specifically for safety and support.

Live-in, specially trained Residence Advisors are ready to help you make the most of transition to university life! Support from our Residence Life Team is always available to students.

Other services include our 24/ 7 Campus community Police (anything from safety concerns to a scraped knee), UTSC Patrol who can escort you so you do not have to walk around residence or campus alone, the Campus Safety Office that you can connect with if you have specific situations or circumstances that you want to plan for, and many other programs and supports.

Additionally, the Counselor in Residence is available to UTSC residents. The Counselor in Residence is a professional social worker who has experience providing support to people facing a variety of mental health concerns and life stresses. They are available as a resource to support the well being of any UTSC student living in residence, and provide individual counselling, as well as group counselling and programs throughout the year.

In all matters of your safety and well being, we are here to help you succeed!

Educational Programs

Along with our safety and wellness supports, our residence life program also includes available programming for residents! This is another unique benefit to living on a university residence. While this is a student housing service, our department is part of the university, so we seek to provide a living AND learning experience!
Our programs aim to target and develop life skills, educate and build on healthy habits and behaviours, and highlight resources on campus that can support the student experience –whether that’s academic or otherwise.

Have Fun and Make Connections!

Enjoy connecting with peers from around the world through our fun and engaging Residence Life community events. Living in residence provides the opportunity to make academic connections, have fun, and learn skills through residence life programming.


Adjusting to university life is a big transition. Living in residence allows you to forget the hassle of commuting and allows you to be in the heart of our scenic campus only a short walk from everything. First year students enjoy the convenience of a mandatory meal plan so they can focus on their studies and getting involved in campus life. Spend less time cooking and more time experiencing all UTSC has to offer! Regardless of what building type students are placed in, First Year students have a meal plan. Optional meal plans are available for students after their first year.

Finally, you can feel safe and at ease in housing well-maintained by University staff who are very responsive to your requests for maintenance.