Tenant insurance in residence

The University is not liable for damage or loss of residents’ personal property. In the case an event such as, but not limited to, theft, fire, infestation, or flood, residents are solely responsible for the cost of replacing their own items.

Students are also responsible for the loss of property, personal injury and/or property damage that results from actions done by themselves or their guests on purpose, or, by not being careful. For example, students could be held responsible for extensive damage costs for frozen or burst pipes caused by failing to keep windows closed in cold temperatures.

Therefore, tenant insurance is strongly recommended for University of Toronto Scarborough residence students.

Most major insurance companies offer tenant insurance policies. A list of licensed insurance companies in the province of Ontario can be found on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario webpage.Opens an external site in a new window Shop around and ask your preferred insurance company if it offers student discounts.

Alternatively, if a student or their guardian holds an insurance policy that will cover you during your stay in residence, that policy can be extended as tenant's insurance coverage