Music & Culture

band performing with a conductor

Program summary

Music and Culture engages students interested in enriching their knowledge of musical cultures past and present, and deepening their understanding of music as a part of human experience, across historical periods and within different social and cultural contexts. We offer a range of theoretical and practical courses in music history, theory/composition, culture, and performance, and the program provides students with a broad knowledge of current directions in musicology as well as a critical grasp of music's role in society and culture, from local communities to global perspectives.

Our program embraces studies in classical music, jazz, world, film, theatre, electronic, and popular music. A simple placement process helps to determine the courses appropriate to each incoming student's level of musical training. In addition to the courses forming the core of our major and minor programs, we offer a wide range of general interest courses that require no prior musical experience.

Numerous opportunities are available for students interested in performance, whether they come with years of prior musical training behind them or wish to begin musical study at UTSC. Performances courses are open by audition to faculty, staff and students, and our many ensembles stage public musical performances throughout the academic year.

Program Details

Degree Offered: Honours Bachelor of Arts
Offered as Co-op: No
Program Options: Major/Minor

Program Admissions

Admissions Category: Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management, and Media
Supplementary Application Form Required: No
Admissions Prerequisites: English
Approximate Grade Requirements: Mid 70s (Non Co-op)
OUAC Application Code: TUC

Student Experience

Career Options: Program Tipsheet